Monday, September 21, 2009

Invitation to drive in...

The open gates seem to beckon one in to explore the fields of gold, to lie down and gaze up at the heavenly blue skies through cadmium yellow blurs.

Lunch next to Clanwilliam Dam wall where hundreds of thousands of litres of water poured through the five open sluice gates - I've never see so many gates open at one time.  Notice the snow on the mountains in the background.

 The trees we had our picnic under were alive with the the scurrying to and fro of dozens of yellow weaver male birds busily constructing the most intricate nests.  To think that these neat small structures are made with leaflets, straw, grass and other bits and pieces with the birds' beaks while their small bodies move left and right in a frenzy of movement weaving in the materials like the shuttles on a weaving machine.  A sentry always keeps a close watch for intruders and once the nest is completed the females (alas far more drab than the males) fly into the nests to approve them.  If the nests are not up to their exacting standards, the females will tear them apart and the male birds will start over again.



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