Friday, October 23, 2009

Quiver Tree Forest

The next morning, after an early start, we arrived at one of only two quiver tree forests in the world.  The forest grows up the side of the mountain and some trees can reach the grand old age of several hundred years.  Water is stored in the the beautifully marked trunks and enables the trees to grow in such arid conditions.

This is a picture from last year's trip but it gives an idea of what the area can look like as different varieties of flowers come into bloom.

Along the way to our next destination we stopped off at the Nieuwoudtville Falls.  These falls are 100 metres tall and are quite a surprise to come across as they originate from the Doring River which meanders along the flatish fields only to suddenly and without any warning drop down into a steepsided and winding gorge.


Tom Bailey said... [Reply to comment]

I connected to you through another blog. I like your photos here and I think I will be back again check out my blog and see if the topic I am blogging about is interesting for you as well.

The waterfalls are great... Those are the types of things I would hang on my wall.

GerrardFanBoy said... [Reply to comment]

great photos


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