Saturday, January 9, 2010

Seeing in the New Year

Well, I'd set up my camera and tripod on the deck of my sister and brother in law's beach house in good time for sunset on the final night of the old year, but it looked like we weren't going to have one of the spectacular sunsets we'd got accustomed to over the previous week.  This view didn't exactly look promising, with enormous clouds drifting over from the north-east, threatening to hide the setting sun.

Then I noticed that a definite orange glow was starting to creep over everything and the sun suddenly burst forth from behind the cloud cover.

The swell had strengthened and now waves were crashing into the rocks in front of the house.

The light changed from orange to pink gold as the sun dropped into the sea, staining the waves with brilliant colour.

Lower and lower it it went ...

Lighting up a fountain of waves ...

Until all that was left was a faint apricot brushstroke of colour.

Welcome 2010, a new chance to start afresh, do better and be kinder to all we meet.


m. heart said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my God, I'm so glad you were there to capture that sunset — it's stunning...the layers of clouds and color and the ocean spraying up from the rocks. Heaven! Happy New Year indeed!

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said... [Reply to comment]

Oh Val the photos were divine and I'm so very happy you shared them with me. I shall never tire of your take on life. You have a gift that allows you to convey the extraordinary in a way that both thrills and humbles this silly woman. I can hardly wait to see what wonders the year holds for us.
Here is to the light friend. My your year be filled with the light.
Warmest regards,


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