Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Enchanted Tree

What would you think if you came across a tree with flamboyant blooms such as these?

Not to mention  an exotic bird peering down its nose from branches high up in a tree.

Well, you'd know that you were in Prestwich Square where more installation art is springing up with every day leading us closer to the World Cup.

The interesting thing about this installation is that the entire piece is made from recycled items.  City refuse bins and bottle tops,  plastic coffee tin covers and cut up cold drink cans; despite the many colours you could say that it's almost green art.

Something of a rest for the eyes was this simple little design silhouetted against the golden office building.

I noticed the word "Truth" written in several places as I walked around.  It was on a noticeboard behind the tree installation in the third picture above and then in several spots on this beautiful old pickup.

Although strictly forbidden to do so, my daughter always manages to snap a picture of  me snapping pictures.  My objection is that she never gives me time to stretch my neck to a more swanlike shape or suck in my stomach (quite an effort these days).  But The Truth was the message on the Chevy, so The Truth it must be.


m. heart said... [Reply to comment]

Those remind me of a wonderful community garden in NYC where a whole collection of recycled flowers bloom at the top of the chain link fence surrounding the lot. Beautiful!


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