Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seagull Territory

As the sun dips lower and lower towards towards the horizon, the Sea Point public swimming baths, closed for the night, are strangely deserted.  

A few seagulls fly in to do their "floating duck" thing on the unruffled surface of the pools.

The numbers begin to swell.

And at last the mystery as to where seagulls go, between their day and night shifts, is solved.  They fly in for sundowners!

Suddenly, in a seemingly joint decision, a great cloud of birds depart the pools and head for the restaurant strips and apartment blocks of Sea Point.

So now you know!


Karen said... [Reply to comment]

I am quite envious of the fact that you are so close to the beach. I'm headed down to Holden Beach for a long weekend next weekend, but it is two and a half hour drive. Plus the only reason I get to do it is because I was offered the free use of a friend's cottage. And it definitely won't be warm enough to swim. Wilmington, which is a half hour north, just got four inches of snow two days ago. But pictures to come!


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