Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunset Promenade

The late afternoon down at the beachfront promenade is truly the golden time of day.   The sun starts to set around quarter to eight and families flock to the beach to enjoy the best time of the hot summer's day. 

Some set up picnic table and rugs on the rocks and others take the opportunity to get in a little fishing or a leisurely amble.  It's a particularly friendly time of the day when people are more likely to chat to strangers, especially if there's a cute dog involved, and to smile at small children riding tricycles or scooters.

Umbrellas are still necessary as the temperature's still pretty fierce and the setting sun is reflected in the wineglasses raised for a surreptitious toast (alcohol is actually banned from the beaches) but to expect Capetonians who live, after all, in the midst of the most splendid vineyards, to salute the setting of the sun without a toast is an exercise in futility.

The dying sun adds sparkle to beachfront apartments ...

... and turns the whole beachfront stretch into a golden mile.


Karen said... [Reply to comment]

Those rocks are amazing. Why did I have an image of white sandy beaches?


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