Monday, August 22, 2011

Pink Profusion

For a few short minutes the gloom of a cold, rainy Cape Town afternoon was unexpectedly broken by sunshine breaking through the clouds. 

Not that I'm complaining about the rain, you understand, because it's worrying how little has fallen during our supposedly rainy season.

The prolonged warm weather has thoroughly confused the plants, particularly the roses.  Two weeks after their end of July pruning the rose bushes are covered in green shoots and delicate new buds.  Oak trees down in De Waal park are sporting a display of luscious green leaves.

However, the Cape May bushes which should be covered in delicate white flowers are sulking. 
Not cold enough for them, alas.

So it looks as if it might be hosepipe bans and bucket carrying once summer properly kicks in.  Ah well, as long as there are pink geraniums ....


Karen said... [Reply to comment]

And we are experiencing the same - except it is unbearably hot and rainless. We've been pushed into a moderate drought. Here's hoping that we get a bit of rain from Hurricane Irene the end of the week..


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