Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Walking Cassie

A Sunday afternoon saunter around Palmiet River Lagoon (outside Kleinmond) to try and walk off some of Cassie's pent up exuberance.

The tide was high so we had to pick our way around the base of the sand dunes to get on to the firm flat sand.

Grasses on the dune tops swaying and tumbling like freshly blow-dried hair

Cassie was in her element with sand, water and a red ball to chase.  Whenever she felt overheated she would wade into the lagoon to cool off.

Doggy pawprints ...

... people footprints ...

... and the delicate patterns left behind by wind and waves.

Wood, stone, wire, sand and water

A lone observer gazing thoughtfully out across the water.

We left reluctantly, feeling pleasantly tired.  As usual Cassie was revved up for more exercise.  I don't think I've ever seen her lie down and sleep after exercise.  So much for all the theories ...


AndiP said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful hipstamatic pics....really captures the openness timelessness of the place


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