Saturday, July 7, 2012

The journey continues ...

The next winery we drove to was Gabrielskloof, a short distance from, but in complete contrast to the more intimate, cosy Beaumont vineyard.  Altogether a much bigger and very slick operation, it stands imposingly on top of a hill surrounded by beautiful vistas of green winter wheat fields and unending rows of vines.

After turning off the N2 the road winds through rows of gold and red vines, each row separated from the next by stripes of green vegetation.

The winetasting and restaurant buildings are fairly new, although the sympathetic wood, stone and glass design and soft, pale ochre paint blend in perfectly with the vines.  The buildings are arranged around a large square courtyard with deep verandahs all round for dining al fresco.  Two long pools reflect the impossible blue of the mid winter sky and mirror images of the buildings and reflections of the people dining on the verandahs.  Bookings for the restaurant are apparently vital but in any case we'd come to taste the wines and intended after that to return to Bot River for lunch.

The winetasting area is impressive, long old wooden tables, gleaming crystal wineglasses and big wood and glass sliding doors on all sides afford panoramic views down over the valley.  We enjoyed our precious sips of ambrosial wines, and purchased a fair sampling, including two very good, special occasions  bottles to take home.

The undulating valleys and hills make a patchwork like quilt of soft green and gold, picked out here and there by plantings of olive and eucalyptus trees, all enclosed protectvely by the distant blue mountains.

On the way back to Botriver we drove through lush green fields edged by yellow grass and wildflowers.  Contour planting lines lead the eye across the gentle slopes towards the distant mountains.

Next stop, lunch at an interesting and quirky restaurant right on the platform of the old Botriver railway station, aptly named The Shuntin' Shed.


AndiP said... [Reply to comment]

stunning pictures....really breathtaking and vivid hues...really captures how it actually is there...something that is not easy!
Where is your next blog!!!???


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