Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brisbane Bound

Finally, every item on the long lists of Things to Do have been ticked off, the suitcases packed, passports and visas tucked into a handbag next to a Kindle freshly loaded with new novels and biographies. Most importantly the G12 camera batteries are charged and extra flash cards purchased.  Tomorrow we lock the door behind us and travel to Australia for five glorious weeks with the kids and grandkids in Brisbane. 

Never mind that the setting sun turned the sky and sea into a crimson glow, the birds were tucking into a last minute snack from the feeders and that the Buddleia was wafting its sweet fragrance into the warm evening sky, we're outta here. 

I'll be posting from Australia whenever I can get to an internet cafe so watch this space.


Karen said... [Reply to comment]

With so many of my blogger friends going to Australia for vacations, perhaps I should put that on my list. I dread the thought of a 16 hour flight, though.

Have fun and I'll watch for your Australian photos.

Moose said... [Reply to comment]

Safe is too on our list, but that 24 hour flight is a killer!
Looking forward to Australian adventure photos in the near future.
Tail wags. ~moose


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