Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hidden Beauty

Leaving the flower fields we headed for the area where, we'd been told, we would find glacial pavements in the fields.  Striations on the rocks would clearly show the passage of thousand of rocks and pebbles tumbled along by the movement of the glaciers. We should look also for the tiny flowers growing in even tinier pockets of soil on and around the rocks.  We found the formations which are from the Permian era 280 million years ago and, sure enough, the striations looked as if they'd been scored into the granite hard rock with a garden rake.

 And then, oh then, we found the delicate little beauties hiding beneath the grasses; difficult to photograph because of the brisk breeze but at least you get the idea.


Further along the road were signs of spring on its way.

Cape cottages built with sandstone and planted around with orange aloes.


Tom Bailey said... [Reply to comment]

My favorites are the last two the door one is my favorite. I like the balance of the plant on each side and the green looks ideal for that setting. It seems ranchish is that is a word but not brown. I do not care for browns.

Great photos.


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