Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet our charming guide

As we entered Rustic Art we were greeted by this beautiful moggy who appointed himself our guide for our tour, picking his way delicately around the exhibits or springing up onto them when he felt our attention needed to be directed to something special.

The owners of this fascinating emporium have gathered together an eclectic collection of the icons of yester year.  From oil tin covers, tyre and street signs ...

to kitchen tables, petrol pumps and mirrors ...

interesting tablescapes,  a celestial blue platter and an ancient truck...

... buckets, straw brooms, ancient sewing machines, typewriters and kitchen scales.  Is that an Illovo Syrup tin I can see at the bottom on the right?

Joko Tea, a sign from all our childhoods, an old meat grinder and what surely looks like a healthy crop of wheatgrass.

Flower spattered urn and the sought after enamel teapots.  The little figurines sitting next to the alarm clock perhaps remind us that time is fleeting, to live in the moment and make the most of our share of it.

And, finally, a fond farewell to our charming guide.  He seemed to say "Come back and visit again some time soon, you all".  And we certainly will.


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said... [Reply to comment]

Right I'll have that blue tin urn with the sunflower on it. Oh, and I just love your charming guide - with the sweetest face, so cute.I love visiting your blog it's so very warm.
You have a great week.


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