Monday, March 22, 2010

African Blue

On my way out to Betty's Bay this weekend just past I must have pulled the car over five or six times to take photographs of the beautiful curves of the mountains sweeping down to the aquamarine and inky blue sea below.  The sky was that incredible shade of African blue and a fresh breeze was driving the fluffy white clouds across the mountain peaks, casting ever-changing shadows across their flanks.  This is Clarence Drive and it runs from Gordon's Bay, through to Betty's Bay and then on to Hermanus.  It's a beautiful road, similar to the spectacular Chapman's Peak Road and it winds around the base of the mountains, past low rock walls which enable one to see the view most of the time.  There are many places to draw off the road and admire the view, enjoy a picnic or just watch the sun set in the evening. 

Later in the afternoon once I'd arrived in Betty's Bay, mist began to creep over the mountains to veil the setting sun.

One hundred and ninety photographs later I am back in Cape Town, feeling that I can once more cope with the building work and the DUST for a little longer.  A weekend spent photographing scenery and indigenous flowers is the one of the best pick me ups I know.



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