Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Farewell to Deja Vu

Alas and alack, my favourite antique shop in Harbour Road is no more.  An excursion for coffee and cake (and an unplanned but rewarding detour which resulted in the acquisition of sparkly gemstone earrings) revealed the sad sight of the beautiful gable at Deja Vu being covered in bright yellow paint.  It appears that the little shop has new owners.  I'm sure their new business will be interesting but to paint out that beautiful gable as the first thing before you move in just doesn't bode well for the future. 

I always felt that this display on the verandah of Deja Vu had many of the elements that I would like in my perfect studio - a sweeping view of the glittering dark blue sea; large tables on which to spread out my cameras, lenses and papers; assorted pictures and frames with space to arrange and think about their framing; plentiful supplies of fresh flowers; all against the perfect off-white tongue and groove panel wall.  The only items missing are the large screen laptop, shelves and shelves of books and a comfortable chair.  Perhaps a state of the art sound system as well? 

The chicken and eggs sign at another of the antique shops went some way to lightening the gloom.

Small businesses everywhere are taking such strain now that the holiday season is over and it is sad to see so many of the quirky and interesting shops forced to close their doors after starting up with such enthusiasm.  Crystal balls are badly needed right now.

As we left the harbour we took a turn through a semi-industrial area and I noticed these eye-catching orange doors.  Although the building was just a drab hangar-type warehouse, I admired the business owners who had used a little imagination to brighten up the drab surroundings.

When we arrive back at Betty's Bay the pale blue afternoon suddenly takes on this exquisite pink glow.

The sun makes its molten descent into the sea and the waves begin hurling themselves onto the rocks in front of the house.

And, just as you think evening is finally falling, one last show of vivid light sets the gossamer seaspray alight with sparkling and shimmering radiance.


Andrea P said... [Reply to comment]

Wow that crystal ball/hanging ball is exquisite...Very good idea. You are such a classy photographer


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