Friday, April 2, 2010

Coffee Society

Newport Deli at the Mouille Point end of the Promenade on the beachfront, is one of the breakfast places to see and be seen.  It is pretty good to sit out under the umbrellas, savour the salty sea air, sip a cup of cappucino and perhaps toy with an almond croissant.

The reflections in the deli window, layer upon layer, in glassy complexity - difficult to see what's inside and what's outside.

A change of scenery and on to another place where we enjoy "doing" breakfast and coffee, the plant nursery.  We needed to find a few punnets of what would probably be the last petunias to plant up for the end of summer.  I hadn't realised how fragrant these flowers are until I returned home late one evening and this exquisite perfume pervaded the air as I walked up the stairs.

The name says it all and, yes, the icecream sold here is sinful.

To wax philosophical for a moment, I believe that that visiting a plant nursery is one of the most uplifting experiences when you're feeling low.  Watching people buying trees and shrubs that will only attain maturity once they themselves have passed on;  seeing couples planning first gardens together; or flat dwellers buying herbs for small balcony gardens is to realise that no matter how sad and uncertain life may be at times, people still plant gardens and believe that it's a good and worthwhile thing to do.  That is a statement of hope and belief in the future and I'd rather do that than stress, as television programmes and sensational articles would have us do, over the date when the the world is due to end.


Von said... [Reply to comment]

Too right!!!

Isabelle said... [Reply to comment]

That looks so beautiful. I've never thought of visiting SA because we hear it's dangerous - but I have to say it doesn't look so in your photos. No doubt the newspapers are all wrong as usual.

Pam said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.My maternal great great grandmother grew up in Capetown. She returned to England with her mother, a teacher, and then emmigrated as a young woman here to Australia.I enjoy seeing the country she grew up in through your delightful blog.


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