Thursday, April 15, 2010

Following Paths

On the way home after a long walk in the hot sun I saw this road winding down towards the distant blue sea. The feet were complaining and visions of  ice cold drinks were dancing in front of my eyes but I really had no choice other than to take a "short left" as we say here.

I was rewarded pretty soon by a glimpse of pink amongst the fynbos and further investigation revealed this exquisitely pretty pink protea with its faintly lavender centre.

Who would have expected to find a tortoise crossing sign in the middle of the fynbos?  I've picked up small tortoises from the middle of the road to save them from speeding motorists, a frightening experience on a highway with a 120km per hour speed limit and only the flashing hazard lights on your car to warn drivers to slow down.

The view at the end of another long walk, this time a cliff walk from the Palmiet Lagoon ending up on Kleinmond Beach.  The tides were extremely high the whole weekend and the waves were thundering in like locomotives, crashing onto the beach, covering any walkers in a cool veil of seaspray.  To the left of this picture is a lagoon where the Bot River ends its journey from the mountains and mingles with the seawater rushing in from the ocean. 

We crossed the bridge over the lagoon and this is the view, looking towards the mountains. 

The long trek back to the bridge across the pristine sands.

Blue sky, inky blue lagoon water, warm white sand and bright sunshine.  There really isn't anything to beat it.


rachel said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful! I'm on my way.... no, wait, we don't have planes over here any more.....


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