Wednesday, August 4, 2010

City Glimpses

I carry my DSLR around with me as much as I can, given that it's quite heavy and rather bulky to fit inside a handbag.  Consequently most of my picture snapping takes place at the weekend on specifically planned short trips. Occasionally, however, there's time for coffee or lunch in the city and there's always something eyecatching to photograph.  Brunch in the Cape Quarter, is a enjoyable choice on a Sunday morning, especially if it's followed by a leisurely window shop past the art galleries and a satisfying browse in the bookshop.

The curvaceous sculptures below are made by an artist called Jean Doyle, whose work much sought after both here and overseas, has helped those of us with, shall we say more generous figures, to feel good about our curves.

Outside the beautiful mall, in a narrow cobbled street, a sunwashed wall, with its peeling paint, striped awnings and geranium-filled flowerboxes - you could be somewhere in Provence.

Moving down towards Somerset Road, which formed part of the fanwalk during the World Cup, a car guard enjoys the winter sunshine while keeping an eye on a sleek motorbike.  Many of the car guards are French-speaking refugees from the rest of Africa, particularly the Congo, and although some of them are highly qualified in their particular careers, they are not allowed to work while their refugee status is being sorted out, so car guarding is a means of earning some income to support themselves and their families.

Murals and flags still remain in many places in the city.  In spite of everyone's misgivings before the World Cup, we all enjoyed it immensely and feel pretty nostalgic about those weeks of colour, excitement, partying and friendliness.

The trunks of the trees planted alongside the canal which flows the length of Adderley Street are still wrapped in their celebratory colours.

 Shimmering reflections in the tranquil waters while metallic streams of motor vehicles hurtle past on both sides  of the canal.

 And finally, with a little planning, you too can make the most of your lunch hour with a power nap in the sunshine.



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