Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lavender and Orange

An unexpected afternoon away from the office and a chance to visit  The Vineyard Connection, a boutique wine shop set amongst the exquisitely beautiful Stellenbosch winelands. We wanted to track down a particular wine which wasn't available directly from the estate but which we were told was stocked by the boutique.

Tangled masses of lavender, pierced by the flaming red hot poker flowers exerted a magnetic force on arrival and I left MDH to the exacting but pleasurable task of wine sampling. 

Undulating fields of winter-bare vines surrounding the wine boutique lead up to white washed buildings and soft rolling hills.

Swarms of honey bees made pushing my way into the lavender plants quite a perilous undertaking but, as usual, when in the grip of a photographing frenzy, I was oblivious .

Terracotta pots of citrus trees line the front of the building and good for the plant or not,  the lichen (?) growing on the trunks makes an interesting picture.

Returning to the building, expecting to see cartons of wine being loaded into the car,  this sight greeted me; which just goes to prove that you can take the man out of the office, but in the age of technology, he'll take the office with him.

By means of vigorous and expressive gestures,  I separated man and cellphone and we went into the sampling lounge. Sunlight streaming through glass doors bathed the interior in honey-golden glow and brought out the sheen of yellowood tables.  Entranced by bright colour, as I am, the wooden bowls of oranges attracted me like the lavender outside had enticed the bees.

No looking at the enticing bottles of wine arranged on the shelves lining the entire room, no tasting  for me, just a picture-taking frenzy of oranges and Kelim rugs. 

Obsessed by light and colour.  Who me?


rachel said... [Reply to comment]

What a lovely post - so cheering to read as the rain teems down in the cold grey North East of England!

"All things French" said... [Reply to comment]

How lovely to see those pics of lavender and red hot poker - both vibrant colours but very complimentary - I'm like you I enjoy taking photo's and I love the digital photo era - when I saw SA on your blog I thought it was South Australia because that's where I live but then realised it's South Africa -

Pretty Things said... [Reply to comment]

LOVELY photos, and glad to you blogging again!


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