Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Love

There's a new love in my life!  All three members of the family  were due for upgrades to their mobile contracts.  Husband and daughter tried to persuade me to follow their lead in opting for a shiny new iPhone, but despite all their persuasion I stubbornly steadfastly refused to buy in to the craze for all things Apple, my old phone was perfectly efficient and reliable. But THEN, oh then, I snapped off a few pix on one of the sleek, streamlined beasts ...

... and just like that, I'm a believer!

Off I went to the cellphone shop the next morning and now, even as I type this, I'm waiting with great excitement and anticipation for the call telling me that my new "baby" has arrived.

I'm just blown away by how fresh and exciting the most ordinary subjects can appear in the flick of  a lens, the choice of a filter and the merest touch of a shutter.

The colours are extraordinary and there's such excitement seeing how unexpected and varied the results can be.

I've been going through a bit of a low spell in terms of photographic inspiration but now it's like discovering photography all over again.  Even a humble lemon from the fully laden tree in the back garden becomes a source of inspiration.

Stay turned for more experiments!


Susan said... [Reply to comment]

I'm crazy about nasturtiums
I especially love their odd scent

xo Susan & les Gang
Rock On !! (photograph on !)

rachel said... [Reply to comment]

Goodness, how astonishing! A shot in the arm on this dull rainy day!

Karen said... [Reply to comment]

What terrific photos! I want one.

As an aside to Susan (and les Gang), nasturtium means "nose tweaker" in Latin due to the peppery smell.

And Val, yours are blooming just as I finally through the dregs of mine in the trash.

Lucille said... [Reply to comment]

It's very tempting, now that I have seen your early experiments, to follow your example. Is this the Hipstamatic app that I keep seeing?


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