Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday in Pictures

The DSLR continues to gather dust as the days go by.  I'm having such fun with my new phone which accompanies me where ever I go - not for the phone itself, you understand, but for the Hipstamatic App.  Even Saturday chores and errands turn into photo opportunities without the hassle of carrying a heavy camera and lens around.

The day began with breakfast and coffee at The Waterfront, along with half of Cape Town, due to the rather chilly and misty morning.  Once again we mused over the difference in lifestyle today compared to our "youth".  The concept of a shopping mall being a destination choice of so many people at weekends  is quite amazing, but then again, The Waterfront is not just your average mall.  Apart from the usual glamorous hotels,boutiques, restaurants and the book, music and coffee shops, it's situated in the middle of a working harbour tugboats, large vessels and sleek ocean going yachts lie at their moorings while the piercing cries of gulls mingle with the sound of the chatter and music at waterside restaurants.

Next stop was the plant nursery to stock up on petunias for the wind battered and sunburnt garden.  Powerful South Easters (the prevailing summertime winds of the Cape) and days of crushing heat once the wind stops,  have flattened all the spring annuals and scorched the roses.  Watering becomes a daily chore necessitating an early beginning to the day to finish before the heat sets in.

Driving back into town, still clicking away with the camera, the sight of Lion's Head, which has a steep climb up to the peak and a popular moonlit hike once a month. From our backyard we can see the twinkling torch lights of the hikers in the dark as they wind their way up to the summit.  On a whim we to took a drive up to Signal Hill which lies to its right.  As Capetonians we seldom visit the well known tourist sites other than when showing visitors around.  I'm sure it's the same for most people who live in popular tourist cities but, just occasionally, we need to be reminded how lucky we are to live with a mountain in our backyards and the ocean surrounding our spectacular Cape Peninsula.

The view from the top of Signal Hill is quite staggering.  It begins with Table Mountain itself, the city centre and suburbs nestling at its foot, and sweeps across the harbour and the never ending blue expanse of the sea and then around to the Atlantic suburbs crouched at the  base of  The Twelve Apostles Peaks and the beautiful azure beaches, lined with white sand and dotted with sun worshippers.  The spectacular panorama  temporarily silences visitors as they emerge from their cars to marvel at the sight.  Everyone who arrives is drawn to the viewing platform where the faint sounds of the city and sea drift upwards

I concentrated on taking pictures towards Table Mountain and out over the city as the glare on the seaward side made it impossible to see the the tiny camera screen.  Another visit at sunset perhaps, with the SLR and tripod.

The mountain to the left of the picture is Devil's Peak ...

... and the dot on the right top of Table Mountain is the upper station of the cablecar.

Lion's Head - different angle, different lens.

On the way home our usual route was closed off due to filming activity near our house, a serendipitous event as we had to take a detour along this jacaranda lined street, with its lavender carpet of fallen blossoms.

After getting home I walked down the road to sneak a peek at the filming activity and on the way back I stopped to enjoy some of the tiny scenes which often go unnoticed around us.


Karen said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, you almost make me want to get an IPhone just for the pictures. I can't justify one right now, so I'll just admire the pictures.

It's amazing to watch your flowers bloom as we wake up to dense frost this morning. At least, no snow here unlike my blogger friends in the UK.


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