Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reason to Rejoice

The text message arrived out of the blue :

"Hi Mom

How would you like some extra help with the move?"

Would I just! And from the oldest daughter who now lives in Brisbane with her husband and my gorgeous, shooting-up-like-beanstalks, grandsons.  She's arriving in Cape Town on 8 November and will stay for ten days helping with the move to the Betty's Bay house.  If that isn't love, giving up ten days of your precious leave to assist with relocating the aged parents, I don't know what is.

We move on 10 November and I aim to have all the possessions boxed up and ready by the time she arrives so we can have a relaxing two days before the move.  We'll be sleeping on mattresses in the stripped down house with very few comforts but at least there'll still be hot showers, takeaways and a slap up celebration dinner to look forward to.

Life is good !


rachel said... [Reply to comment]

And suddenly, what could have been an ordeal begins to sound like a joyous occasion! Good luck with it all - when it gets a bit fraught, tell yourself how much it will be worth it in the end.....


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