Friday, October 28, 2011

Trial Run

This afternoon we're leaving for Betty's Bay to spend the weekend in our new home.  There's only two beds, a teeny fridge, microwave, and two chairs in the house but you can see above what's waiting for us in the garden.  We're clearing out of our recently sold home so that the youngest daughter can host friends from Johannesburg while we're away.  Fortunately they're not of a partying age so we don't have to worry about huge parties in our absence!

This house is looking forlorn and empty, having been divested of most of the things that made it our home.  Numerous trips out to Betty's Bay during the last two weeks with both cars loaded up with paintings, over a thousand books (no exaggeration) and all the possesions too precious to leave to the removal firm.  I'm no hoarder but it was staggering to see how many boxes of china we packed, just for a start.  Every chair and sofa in the house is being reupholstered so apart from dining hairs and a lone Morris chair, any visitors sit at the dining room table or on the carpet!  The actual move is on Thursday week and it can't come soon enough. Saying goodbye has been heartwrenching but now that the house is nearly empty we've begun the process of letting go.

Meanwhile in our new garden the Watsonias are blooming, the pincushion proteas are flourishing and the king proteas are putting on an imposing show.  The sound of the sea will soothe our sleep tonight and we'll awaken to birdsong in the morning. It's going to be interesting ...


Susan said... [Reply to comment]

Betty's Bay is a lovely name - have a great weekend in your new cottage (with garden) by the sea xo S & gang

rachel said... [Reply to comment]

With flowers like those in your new garden, who cares about the house being a little bare? Wishing you long happy years in your new home.


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