Friday, February 3, 2012

One to dig, four to watch

Consternation this morning when we discovered we had no water.  MDH (my dear husband) had an appointment in the city at 11h00 and, running late as usual, only stepped into the shower an hour before he was due to leave.  Anguished cries from the bathroom as the last of the water in the pipes ran out while he was washing his hair and no water left in the hot water tank, due unfortunately to my shower much earlier in the morning.  Definitely a case of the early bird catching the water!

After rinsing with the water left in the kettle, an anxious call to the municipality established that the water in the area had been turned off due to a leak in the pipes of the house opposite and that repairs were being organised even as we spoke.  An hour later and the yellow digger arrived with loud clanking, the beeps of reversing lights, four blue overalled workers and one digger driver.

In the city I wouldn't even have looked out the window at any commotion but here in the quietness of the country it was an event worthy of wandering outside to check out the activities.  I'm hoping for water reconnection in due course - there are mounds of washing to be done.

Such are the excitements of village life!


rachel said... [Reply to comment]

Ah, village life - it's riveting, really. We just have to slow down a little...... I love it!


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