Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunset Collector

I'm becoming something of a sunset connoisseur, in fact I now have hundreds of images, from the gentle and unassuming ones to the magnificent and spectacular.  The slightest hint of pink or gold light shining through the windows has me running to the dining room where the camera is always kept and then out one of the numerous doors to wonder around in a happy daze. With eyes fixed on the gorgeous scense in front of me I tend to be a bit careless about where I'm walking and end up doing a lot of tripping and falling but in the garden it's usually onto grass so it's okay. 

From my bedroom balcony a panoramic view

I'm fascinated by the shapes of the leaves against the sky and how the edges are gilded in gold

I've learned to turn around from time to time to capture the views behind my back.  The soft light on the house transforms the colors of the walls from pale yellow to "Just Joey" shades.  This was my dad's favourite rose and I've planted one wherever we move to.  I'm not sure if it'll grow so close to the sea but I'm going to stick it in a big terracotta planter and hope for the best.

It's very difficult to finish that last urgent email or spreadsheet when the sunset shines so seductively into my office ...

... so I don't even try !


knutty knitter said... [Reply to comment]

One interesting thing I have tried (being another sunset junkie :) is to use the flash to highlight the near leaves etc.I can never leave a decent sunset alone either.

viv in nz

MLou said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for visiting the dust and chaos of 163 degrees. Betty's Bay is gorgeous! Between your blog and all of the fantastic stuff on 66 square feet, I have built up a strong attraction to your part of the world. I'd love to see it someday.

Karen said... [Reply to comment]

How lucky you are to have these views. My bedroom windows overlook the parking lot. I have to drive two miles down my road in order to find an open meadow to take sunset pictures.


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