Saturday, February 20, 2010

People watching

When the weather's hot and there's a comfortable bench in the shade, what better way to spend some time than resting and watching the passing parade in all its interest and variety.

Or you can sit down an enjoy an icecream and let different rock bands and singers entertain you.

With no tripod, my daughter found a convenient pole to steady herself while taking pictures.

Seagulls constantly wheeling in great arcs over the harbour, add to the general hum of music and conversation with their plaintive cries.  This one, perched on a pole just below a restaurant which jutted out over the water, kept a beady eye out for scraps, his cries becoming more and more raucous, it has to be said.

A veritable United Nations of colourful flags.

The Spirit of Victoria moving gently to and fro as she lies at anchor in the harbour.  Imagine anchoring off a beautiful beach and sunbathing, your lithe, bronzed and toned body in a tiny white bikini - sigh ...

"No guts, no glory" reads the sign on this pirate ship above these headsof these little children.  After being deliciously "terrified"  of the teenage boys dressed up in pirate gear and flourishing cardboard cutlasses, they could hardly wait to be off to sail the ocean deep.

Meanwhile, their parents were probably thinking more in terms of something like this.

The more adventurous spirits, life jackets on and strapping themselves in place, prepare to leave on a high speed chase across the water.

All the elements of a working harbour and a place where Capetonians and visitors from countries all over the world can mingle and enjoy themselves in complete safety.

And finally, an unusual view of Devil's Peak and part of Table Mountain, with veils of mist creeping down the flanks of the mountain.


Pretty Things said... [Reply to comment]

I love the picture from above of the cafe!

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said... [Reply to comment]

I'm a people watcher myself and I love your words as well.
You have a great week my dear.
All my very best.


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