Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reflecting on Reflections

For some reason today I've had reflections on my mind.  I turned to the Oxford English Dictionary and found this definition of reflective : "1. Providing or capable of providing, produced by reflection. 2. thoughtful".  This seemed to neatly tie in with my thoughts about reflections and whether what we see when we look in a mirror is truly representative of what we believe we look like to other people.  I took a lot of self portraits, hoping as it were to almost catch myself unaware, if that makes sense, but the images I captured didn't seem to look anything like the image I see in the mirror.  More work to be done on Point No 2 of the definition above.

Reflections in nature, even with people in them, are much simpler and can be enjoyed for what they represent, something beautiful and tranquil. 

 Two photographers are better than one.

When I photographed this scene I was sitting in a green foliage cave, hidden away from passers by and it reminded me of my childhood, when my sisters and I enjoyed finding snug hollowed out spaces under shrubs in the garden, transporting rugs, pillows and books and emerging from time to time to cadge snacks from my mother.

I find it intriguing when an image captures the reflection of something that appears not to be there.

All my images in this post are about reflections in water and although this last one appears to be of sun glinting on glass, it is in fact the waters of Sydney Harbour reflecting off one of the glass surfaces of the Opera House.


Pretty Things said... [Reply to comment]

Holy crow, the BLUES! Those photos are amazing! And I long for kayaking weather (that's what water views do to me).sings


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