Sunday, October 31, 2010

City Life

There's something rather glamorous and exciting about treating yourself to a short stay in a smart city hotel, a feeling of escaping the monotony and responsibility of everyday life, of being a different, carefree person for a while.

Standing on a balcony high up in the air and marvelling at the glittering skyscrapers, you're no longer a wife or a grandmother fretting about the future, just a woman enjoying a brief time out and feeling a stirring sense of possibility about the way life could be.

Apartments lit up like television screens, offer the tiniest glimpse of other people's lives and seeing someone actually swimming laps in the precariously suspended glass pool.

Pressing my camera against the curved window glass to try and get a steady picture of the big wheel on the South Bank..  Failing to do so but enjoying the result anyway.

The feeling of an energetic young city striving ever upwards

Reflections of reflections in the tinted glass

News stands crammed with glossy magazines.  I once worked in the editorial department of a large magazine publishing company and one of the perks was the supply of magazines from all over the world - and best of all, It Was Part of the Job to Read Them!

Men who are confident enough to carry handbags ..

... and enjoy lunch and a glass of wine at a pavement cafe.

A "balloon guy" (balloon twister?) entertaining kids in the Queen Street Mall.  The yuppie uniform of blue longsleeved shirt and chinos seems out of place - maybe a frustrated office worker who yearns for a career change?   I  found the young mother with the pram quite poignant - she doesn't seem that far removed from the young kids playing with their new toys.

Rows of bicycles for hire, a new scheme introduced by the city of Brisbane.  If you return the cycle within half an hour to any one of several other ranks in the city there's no charge.

This speed limit for bicycles is of no concern to the commuters swooshing past at manic speeds on their way home from the office.

The Albert Street Uniting Church on the corner of Ann and Albert Streets, dwarfed by the modern buildings surrounding it.

Waiting for potential customers

I did a double take when I saw this building - I'm assuming that it's S Mellie & Co?

An interesting juxtaposition of signs - massages for weary journalists?

Towering office buildings near the Eagle Street Pier

A peaceful ending of an exhausting day - sightseeing is hard work!



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