Friday, October 15, 2010

Moving on to Maleny

Later on in the day we continued our journey to Maleny, passing through countryside so beautiful it defies description. Numerous stops had to be made to try and capture in pictures a little of the soft, appealing panoramas unfolding all around us.  "Are you going to take another photo, Gran?"

All was forgiven when we saw  these beautiful horses in their grassy paddock, an equine "room with a view".   While the boys made friends I ended up in a bit of a tussle with another pony who took a liking to the camera strap.

Maleny is a picturesque little town in the Sunshine Hinterland. The main road through the village is lined with art and craft galleries, flower shops and plant nurseries and shops selling fresh organic produce.  Delicious, temptation inducing aromas waft from bakeries and sidewalk coffee shops invite you to relax and enjoy the passing show.


There are dazzling pot plants ...

... and bouquets to brighten your day.

You could indulge in some sexy lingerie ...

... buy a jazzy painting ...

 ... or wander down narrow lanes between brightly painted wood and iron buildings which lead to intriguing antique shops.

I'm so glad that there are people with vision enough to choose paint colours like this.  The nearest I've ever come to such a bold statement was when I painted the hall of our house in a zingy pinky-red colour.

At this little boutique Gabs bought a gauzy white top, decorated with appliqued  flowers and spirals. When she wore it the next day, the youngest grandson wanted to know why she had toilet paper stuck to the front of the shirt.

The rest of the family went off to stock up on provisions for supper while I relaxed for a while in a pleasantly cool children's park (seniority does have its occasional privileges) where I found these interesting structures.

 Purchases made, it was time to find Jacarandah Cottage, in the countryside near to Witta.

Kierie's happy day was made complete by the discovery of a trampolene in the garden.

Molly pleaded prettily for supper ...

.... and then we settled down on the porch to enjoy glasses of crisp, cold wine and the tasty cheeses we had purchased in the morning.  

Later on in the evening, thousands of miles from home, in the depths of the country, we indulged in the most South African of meals,  a satisfying braaivleis (barbecue).  Sitting around the fire, listening to nocturnal bird song with the velvety dark night closing in around us, we all agreed that it had been a wonderful day.


frayedattheedge said... [Reply to comment]

I love the colour of the buildings - and I want some of that lingerie!


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