Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving on to Mooloolaba

It's almost guaranteed that the departure date from any holiday spot will result in bright sunshine and dazzling blue skies.   After days of sulky grey skies and humid weather, we said a reluctant goodbye to Noosa . On the return to Brisbane we spent a happy and leisurely day stopping off at some of the beaches for which Queensland is so famous.

A boy, a makeshift fishing rod, bright sunshine and warm water - a recipe for bliss.

Smiles don't come any wider than this.

Sometimes it's not so bad being a dog, especially if your human carries you off the beach so your wet paws don't get sandy.

I can't wait for retirement - I picture it just like this.

When they heard we were coming ... they named a street in our honour!

Cooloolaba was our last stop

Impossible to resist the chance of capturing some reflections.

The ubiquitous signs exhort you to consider hiring boats of any description or signing up for a river cruise.

This little girl wanted the ball so badly and nothing her parents could say or do would convince her that it was immovable. Wails of frustration followed us all the way back to the car.

Time to hit The Bruce Highway - I think that of all the wonderful multi-syllabic names  I encountered this simple title was the one I liked the best.  I don't know whether the road was named for any particular Bruce but I'd like to believe that a certain sly sense of humour played a part in its naming.

Yes, we all agreed - it really had been wicked!



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