Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beach Strolling

On a warm spring day, wind free for a change, we drove out to Milnerton Beach, situated in Table Bay on the Atlantic Ocean side of the peninsula.  The beach provides one of the classic views of Table Mountain and its long white shores attract walkers and surfers alike.  The Benguela current that flows along Africa's western shore ensures that it's only the hardiest (or wetsuit clad) swimmers that brave the freezing waters of this Table Bay beach, in winter anyway.  The exceptions to this rule are children and visitors from inland, the former because they don't seem to feel the frigid water and the latter because of their delight at visiting the sea and coast after a long journey to the Cape.

Three blonds out for a walk.

Joy is a little girl dancing at the edge of the lacy waves.

Ships at anchor in Table Bay.

 This little baby's toes were dipped into the cold water by her father, the first time that this family had visited Cape Town.  Mom wisely opted to sit on the beach with a thick towel to dry off little toes.

The beach attracts small groups of worshippers who arrive in their distinctive white robes to hold solemn, full immersion baptisms below the majesty of the mountain.

One of the most identifiable features of Milnerton is its lagoon, formed where the Diep River enters the sea, with palm trees adorning the lagoon banks.  Two bridges link the island of Woodbridge to the town of Milnerton.  The wooden bridge after which the island is named is  a national heritage site but, but is now closed to foot and vehicular traffic, due the fragility of its construction.  

The lagoon is used by canoeists from the Milnerton Canoe Club which is the oldest Canoe Club in the province.    Paddlers have travelled down the Diep River to the mouth of the lagoon where it enters the sea from as far upstream as Malmesbury.

The Canoe Club has opted to allow some colourful urban art on its otherwise drab concrete walls, no doubt hoping to avoid offensive "tagging"


rachel said... [Reply to comment]

Table Mountain - how beautiful! I wouldn't have thought of the water being freezing. Here, the North Sea only changes temperature by about 2 degrees, summer or winter. And it's always freezing too!

DarkUFO said... [Reply to comment]


Pretty Things said... [Reply to comment]

Gosh, it's so strange for me to see these gorgeous photos in winter! They're calling for snow here soon!

petra said... [Reply to comment]

wonderful pictures (and so nice and warm) happy 2011!

Susan said... [Reply to comment]

amazing photos & landscape
xo from far, far away
Susan, Miss D & les Gang


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