Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pink People Carrier

On our way out to Betty's Bay, a couple of seconds after driving past this used car lot, I suddenly registered that I'd seen a flash of eye-searing pink.  Hasty braking and a quick reverse revealed not one Volksie but two!

I know lots of students who would happily give this little cutie as good home.

And I thank you for brightening up my day.

Strand is a town where people are not frightened of colour ...

... and you can have any protein you like, as long as it's beef.   This is braaivleis (barbecue) country.

Boring strip shopping redeemed by the mountains of the Hottentots Holland range.

Looking down on Gordon's Bay, where the flat white sands stretch off into the distance and shallow waves  make this beach an extremely popular picnic spot and provide "nursery slopes" for surfers and para sailers.  Parking is at a premium on a hot, sunny day and only starts to clear after the sun has well and truly set.

Leaving Gordon's Bay and sneaking off a quick shot through the rear window of the car.  The views along the road, with numerous places to pull off and picnic, are particularly popular at sunset.  A glass of wine, something good to eat and the sun turning the sea into molten lava.  Life is good.

My conclusions after a couple of weeks of iPhone photography?  A renewed excitement and enjoyment of my favourite activity.  What the quick little pix and interesting effects do is to make the process more spontaneous and the fun of  fleeting and quirky pix taken from the car beat the hassle of trying to park, set up the tripod, set the exposure etc.  In addition the tiny viewfinder forces you to concentrate on small interesting subjects rather than the grand landscape.  It's not going to replace my DSLR but for sheer fun it's hard to beat this handy little camera with a phone!



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