Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wildflowers and Dassies

I intended to go for a walk with my SLR as soon as we arrived in Betty's Bay on Friday afternoon. The light was wonderful, the sun was starting its flaming descent into the ocean and the air was crisp and salty.  But then I noticed these yellow daisies clustered around a boulder next to the stairs down from the deck.  And, I thought,  iPhone or nothing! 

As it turned out, I didn't get any further than the front garden.  Such tiny treasures to be found, popping up through the gravel gravel of the parking area.  This is the Sea Rose (Orphium frutescens) with its glossy deep pink flowers.


I'm not great on remembering plant names, apart from the most common ones, but I know this is one of our colourful gazanias, planted by my sister but alas, not enjoyed by her unless she's quick off the mark.  The dassies or rock rabbits (Rock Hyrax) are particularly partial to the buds and flowers and can be seen snacking on them early in the morning.  Later in the morning or afternoon these critters like to lie basking peacefully in the sun although there is always an alert sentry to sound the alarm.

Magenta coloured pelargoniums 

A fountain of green grass.

A tiny red succulent clinging to the unwelcoming surface of a boulder.

A perfect green sphere punctuated by small yellow "buttons" and given some scale by the inclusion of my (recently pedicured)  foot.

 A plant with attitude.

Suddenly, in that few minutes of time which always takes you by surprise,  the dying sun illuminated the landscape in a final radiant pink glow ...

... and sank into the glittering sea.


Karen said... [Reply to comment]

OK, I am *extremely* jealous. Flowers, Rock Hyrax (only in zoos here) and flip flops while I suffer from below freezing temps, snow and a car that takes six attempts to start (the fact that it is 17 years old is besides the point . . .)


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